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Tammy Andreakos from Tammy Andreakos Real Estate Services and today I can be taking a look at 2020s hottest neighborhoods in the Toronto area for houses as measured by The Toronto Real Estate Association that saw the most rapid apreciation and median house prices in a big trying to be soft in 2020 was this Urban Exodus people moving outside of the downtown core to the outer suburbs nine of the ten neighborhoods in our list are outside the city of Toronto so they're in the suburbs and four of those neighborhoods are in relatively rural areas were lot sizes are measured by Acres not in feet so they really big shift in the market we're going to kick off with number 10 on our list which is the only neighbourhood in the city of Toronto and Princess Rose storm we can see that it's in the West End of the city in Etobicoke was Zoom the map of to get a better feel for where is in Toronto median house prices there or 1.7 million up 27% over last year and not hear you're generally getting a detached bungalow on a roughly 60 Foot Locker number 9 on our list is rural School God this is the East End of Durham region again kind of Zoom the map out to get a feel for what that is median house prices in scuba divers 740,000 up 27% again the big shift here is affordability and big yards you know I'm not are you can get a property on a half-acre lot so that was a big move pushing people to rule Scugog number 8 on the list is Eastlake which is in the East End of Oakville bordering Mississauga again the shift here is not affordability because median house prices for just over two million up 28% over last year and this year you're getting a pretty spacious four-bedroom you know for bathroom house in pretty good condition number 7 on our list is again a rural area and that's rule whitchurch-stouffville we can see on the map at this area's colour blue because based on the months of inventory it was a relatively cool Market in December but it doesn't change the fact that price was sword in 2020 up 20 8% over 2019 median house prices in 2020 or 1.7 475 and in that area are getting again roughly a three to four bedroom detached tone but you're getting anywhere from one acre to 5 Acres a really really big lots and Rural Richard Stovall number 6 on our list is Shore Acres which is in Burlington right along the water median house prices there are just over $1000000 up 29% over last year and then that are you're getting roughly at you know three bedroom lights to bathroom home with a pretty spacious backyard and number 5 on our list also in Burlington is rural Burlington or median house prices were 1.47 million of 29% than this area is green because of December was a relatively balance Market Bar prices did surge in 2020 and then I hear you're getting a detached house three to five bedrooms on a on a 1-acre lot roughly number for on our list palgrave Zoom the map out of little bit here will cease coming to North End of Peel region house prices there were 1.6 million up 31% over last year and a standard getting pretty Big Lots up there in the Acres wanted to acres four bedroom detached homes number 3 on our list was in Vons Uplands which is again a cool neighbourhood again partly because home prices are relatively High their median house price is 1.7 million of 32% over last year you know typical homes 4 bedrooms 5 bathrooms detached homes are in this neighbourhood was in the map of a little bit to get a better feel for where that neighbourhood is in Vaughan number two on our list German Mills which is in Markham right around the 404 Zoom the map out a little bit in that neighbourhood median house prices for 1.25 million up 37% over last year typical homes 3-bedroom 3-bath on a on a 30ft law and number one on our list is far out there Beaverton in North Durham region I'm going to zoom the map out so I can kind of see where this is so this is right by Lake Simcoe median house prices up there were 550,000 up 38% again the big move out there was about affordability and people getting you know newer homes in the mid 500,000 which is hardly get in any other part of the city so those are our top 10 hottest neighborhoods in the GTA any comments feedback to supposed to below and will follow up with a video on next week with the hottest Condominiums as well. Tammy Andreakos from Tammy Andreakos Real Estate Services

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