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Do you need to be worried about Lead Pipes?

The media has been reporting extensively over the last month or so about lead in the water supply, mainly referring to specifically highlighting areas in the province where municipal lead pipes carrying water feed directly into the surrounding residential neighbourhoods.

Homes built after 1950 or so were for the most part constructed with lead-free pipes. However, you should not make the direct assumption that a house built after this date is always free of lead pipes. The easiest thing to do if you are buying an older home is to ask about the pipe situation, if they are mode of copper or plastic and if there have been any upgrades done to the house since its initial construction.

Too often buyers focus only of the obvious cosmetic features of a property and forget to ask about what's behind the walls and beneath the floors. If the pipes both inside the home and running into the property have been replaced recently, there will be a record of it from either the seller or the municipality. And remember, even if all the lead piping has been replaced inside the house, it’s possible that the supply pipe from the water main to the house is still constructed of lead.

Although sellers do have a legal obligation to disclose hidden defects, it's only for those defects to which they are aware of and/or can be considered to endanger the health of the occupants or render the overall state of the property dangerous, that they are obliged to disclose.

If the seller declines to answer any questions you may have about the condition of a home you are considering buying, that could be an obvious sign that more investigation, such as having an experienced contractor look more closely at the house, may be necessary to address your concerns. If you want to be absolutely sure that the water supply in a home is safe, testing the water is always the best and most accurate approach.

As part of your offer on any home you can put in a conditional clause that the sellers consent to a test of the water, of which you must be 100% happy with before you sign off on the purchase. Your going to be using the water on a daily basis in any new home, so its always good to know exactly what that water supply looks like before you make any decisions to purchase that piece of real estate.

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