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ORBIT...the city of the future is just around the corner

A futuristic city called Orbit is just around the corner...figuratively and literally, in the small town of Innisfil about 30 minutes north of Aurora. The plan is to create the perfect balance of urban living mixed with Innisfil's natural lakeside landscape and plentiful agricultural lands. 

The master plan for this futuristically designed city, Orbit is currently only in the proposal stage but its goal is to establish a new development for approximately 150,000 people. The plan for Orbit also centres around the GO Station set to be completed in the area within the next few years.

The GO station is a key part of the plan as it will provide faster, more accessible transportation for those who live in both in and out of the region. The centre of the development includes a four-tower mixed-use development which would be built over top of the new GO station. 

This new idea for community building is designed with a real focus on how the people residing here will spend their time, focusing on issues like travel, community interaction, play and work — or in other words a "Communities Orbit".

With this new city in place it would mean that residents of the area would no longer have to travel into the city for most of the city style amenities. The city would provide access to year-round sports and recreational options, arts and culture spaces and more. This development in Innisfil will happen incrementally, and the plan is specifically designed to accommodate this kind of gradual expansion. 

The plan also focuses on keeping plenty of green spaces throughout the city centre, mainly in order to keep the core appeal of rural life, including a proposal for even more parkland which would directly connect to Lake Simcoe. A long running and biking trail along both sides of the GO train line is also being included in the master plan.

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