• Tammy Andreakos

Real estate investing in Greece.. lessons learned

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

If you have followed the news over the last few years you might have heard about the tumultuous times that happened with the economy in Greece. As a result of changes to the European union and other related tax based issues Greece and it's citizens and its real estate were really hit hard financially.

Understanding the cycle is what's important

Like most other areas of any country's economy, things usually happen in cycles and this was no exception. With downturns come opportunities and the opportunity here in Greece was to invest in real estate at record low levels.

What this activity mostly taught me was to have a strategy, a timeline and most importantly patience. It's very hard to call a bottom and even harder to call a top when investing, so knowing that you got in low and setting a goal for a rate of return can help you now when to sell.

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