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Key Factors To Consider When Buying A Home

Although purchasing a new home is an exciting milestone, it is frequently stressful as well.

But it doesn't have to be...

Consider these key areas as early as possible when buying a home to help avoid most of stress of making such an important purchase.

1. Price

Determine what you can afford before buying a property. This one may be the most obvious, but it's also arguably the most important. You can firm this quantity by evaluating your down payment, comprehending current mortgage rates, and receiving mortgage approval.

A crucial element in this process can also be choosing the right mortgage type. Remember to account for closing costs as well. When calculating how much you can afford to spend, make sure to account for all of the costs involved in purchasing a home, including land transfer tax and legal fees. Keep to that amount once you've decided on it.

2. Features

The fun may now begin because you have a price in mind! Make a list of all the features you want in a house. Include everything on the list, even if you don't believe it's practical, from the amount of bedrooms and layout to more specific features like granite countertops and EV chargers. Although it might be a fun activity, be aware that you probably won't be able to cross everything off your list.

Going through your list and placing items in order of importance is a good idea. For instance, you might place location above all else while placing less importance on a gas stove.

3. Concessions

Ranking your list of necessities and goals can help you choose what you can compromise on.

Decide what issues are indisputable. If a home has nine of the ten things you want but one of them is non-negotiable, then it isn't the right home for you. You can reduce the number of homes you wish to see for a showing by outlining compromises in advance. Additionally, it aids in preventing emotional ties to residences that are ineffective for you and your family.

4. Surroundings

Location is frequently a non-negotiable need. It must fit you well because this is the community you'll live in for a long time. If you wish to relocate from where you already live, be sure to visit the neighbourhood you want to live in. Try to spend some time there, whether on foot or in a car, to see how intimate it may be. Beyond how it feels, keep in mind additional aspects of your chosen neighbourhood that can uphold or enhance your quality of life and the quality of life for your family (including any pets!) like access to recreation and parks, schools and distance travelled (to work or key shopping areas)

5. Property Age

Again, the location and design you pick may determine how old the house is. Both newly constructed homes and older houses have advantages and disadvantages. The beauty of newer homes is that they are ready to move into and might often cost less to modify. You can also well in advance customise features if you purchase a pre-construction property. But the cost of this house customization can be higher. On the other side, older homes can be quite charming and may cost less if some structural or cosmetic maintenance needs to be done. Although remodelling an older home might be challenging, it also gives you the chance to add your own unique touches.

6. Upkeep

The type, size, and age of a property all have a significant impact on the ongoing costs of house ownership. Although the recurring costs for condos will be clearly stated, choosing a single-family or semi-detached home instead may not result in significant financial savings. Be aware that if you choose a house over a condo, you will be responsible for paying for bills like property taxes, utilities, and outdoor upkeep.

Be confident in your choice. Don't rush the process because buying a home is probably one of the largest decisions you'll ever make. Take your time and keep all of these things in mind while you shop for a home. Beginning your search for a home before you actually need to relocate is an excellent idea. You won't feel hurried and will have more time to learn about the options and their locations. Plus, once you start looking, your want list can change!

If you would like to know more about whats happening in the current real estate market feel free to contact me anytime via email at or by call or text at 416.725.5051.

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