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Reasons To Work With A Local Realtor® When Selling Your Home

Does local really matter when it comes to choosing the best Realtor to sell your home?

It absolutely does! Choosing a realtor that is local to your market will not only sell your home faster but also at a higher value than a realtor who is located even a few hours outside of your market. Your home is your greatest asset, and the process of selling your home can feel overwhelming. This is why it’s important to work with a realtor who you trust and who will not only help you through the entire process but will also help you achieve the best price possible for your home. Here are the top 5 reasons to work with a local realtor when it comes to selling your home:

A local realtor knows your Real Estate Market better than anyone

When it’s time to sell your home, a local realtor will know exactly how your home will stack up in your current local market, and they will be able to help you put your best foot forward with their expert knowledge. Local realtors will be able to negotiate the best deal possible for your home based on specific local market trends and their wealth of experience working in that region. Not only that, but local realtors know exactly what buyers in that market are looking for and will be able to market your home accordingly to deliver you the best results.

Local realtors are connected to the community

When it comes to sales, networking is key. Working with a great local realtor means you will be working with someone who is connected to an entire community of buyers in the area that are actively searching for properties. They also will have connections to other local realtors with an expansive network of buyers. This will ensure that your home receives the best offer possible from serious and committed buyers.

Local realtors can assist you with your entire Real Estate Experience

Since local realtors are so connected with the community, they will be able to help you with the entire Real Estate process, from start to finish. From finding local utility companies, local moving companies, carpenters, mortgage brokers, a local realtor can ensure that you have everything you need from start to finish.

In our current Real Estate market, time is always of the essence. A local realtor will also be more available to meet up with you quickly should anything unexpected pop up. Your Real Estate Experience will be less stressful knowing that by choosing a local realtor, you are choosing to work with someone who is not only willing but able to put your needs first and help you in a pinch.

Local realtors know the local community

Is there an excellent restaurant around the corner that serves the best coffee in town? Or perhaps one of the top schools in the district is only a short drive away? A local realtor lives where you live and knows exactly what makes your community so special. Why is this important when it comes to selling your home? Local realtors know that they are not just selling a property, they are selling the community as well. Buyers are just as interested in the lifestyle that comes with the purchase of a home as they are interested in the home itself. As market and community experts, Local realtors will also be able to answer any questions from buyers and ultimately paint a more detailed picture of your home’s value and connection to the community.

When choosing a local realtor, you are supporting the local community

Your local realtor plays a large role in making your community a wonderful place to live. They shop at your local coffee shops, they attend community events, support local charities and support local businesses. Local realtors are invested!

When you work with Tammy Andreakos Real Estate, you are working with A Professional, Trustworthy, Local Realtor® .I am committed to going above and beyond for my clients and providing the best real estate experience guaranteed. If you are living in and around Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill area of York Region and need advice on selling your home, reach out today at 416-725-5051 or email Find out why we are the best choice for you and visit our page.


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