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What Real Estate Around The GTA Is Best Performing

Given the recent year we’ve all experienced including the dramatic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on all of our lives, it’s almost counter intuitive to see neighbourhoods within the Toronto and GTA Real Estate market performing very well in terms of property appreciation.

Below is a chart of the top performing neighbourhoods measured by year-over-year change in the median price. This analysis, is limited to neighbourhoods in the GTA that have had at least 24 transactions in each of the last 2 calendar years.

As you may notice these changes reflect the continued trend of an urban exodus out of the Toronto core to the outer suburbs in the second half of 2020. Only one of the neighbourhoods on this list was in the City of Toronto, located in Etobicoke.

The average distance to downtown Toronto for these nine neighbourhoods is just over 60km, with 2 of the neighbourhoods over 100km from the downtown core.

Aurora Real Estate. New Market Real Estate. Richmond Hill Real Estate. Bradford Real Estate. East Gwillimbury Real Estate, Oak Ridges Real Estate, King City Real Estate. Luxury Real Estate.


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